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What is Bail?

Bail is a form of property or pledge to the court in order to get released from jail solely based on the understanding that the suspect will return to court for trial or forfeit the bail. Traditionally in most cases, the bail money will be returned after trial, regardless if the person is found guilty or not guilty.

How long does it take to get out on bail?

The paperwork takes approximately 15-30 minutes. After the jail accepts our bond, it may take several hours for your loved one to get released. Release times vary from county to county. ABC Bail Bonds will keep you apprised as to an approximate time of release by communicating with the correctional facility that your loved one is being held at. At ABC Bail Bonds, we will try to do everything possible to expedite your release.

Can I recover the 10% fee I pay to my bail bondsman?

No. That amount of money is used to pay for the services of the bail bondsman.
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